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CanCrush UK Ltd

25 - Jun - 2014

Environmental Solutions...


Recycling Equipment in Kent

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Welcome to CanCrush UK Ltd, providing environmental solutions utilising both household and commercial can recycling.

Based in Kent UK, we undertake the recycling of aluminium cans like Coca-Cola cans as a waste management scheme, implementing our own specialist recycling equipment.

Can Recycling in Kent

Offering alternative solutions to suit your recycling needs; from commercial to domestic use. These solutions were also used in the Eden Project successfully.

The CanCrusher UK is a specialised piece of waste management equipment, and can be used for a variety of recycling purposes, such as recycling cans and aluminium recycling. It is suitable for both commercial and household use.

The design of the CanCrusher offers a fresh and fun approach to recycling which enables you to communicate a positive attitude towards environmental conservation and carry out environmental solutions. The design also allows a great opportunity to advertise company logos around the machine itself. The association between any company and this recycling machine clearly represents a very strong message.

By crushing and reducing the volume of an empty can by 90%, these unique machines reduce waste, whilst cutting down on collection costs and storage space allowing us to recycle more easily throughout the UK.

Experts in Recycling

So, if you're looking for a top quality piece of recycling equipment, look no further than the CanCrusher, as used in the Eden Project. It has a multitude of uses for environmental solutions, is suitable for cans and aluminium, both can be used in household or in the commercial field.

Call Today For Commercial Recycling in Kent

For more information about waste management, household recycling and environmental solutions please don't hesitate to contact us here at Cancrush on 01892 668 800 and we will be happy to help.

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